Richardson RFPD

Stop the Clock, How Advances in Quartz Crystals and Silicon Germanium BiCMOS Circuits Simplify High Speed Clock Generation for RF Data Converters

As the demand for higher frequencies and data rates and more accurate measurement capabilities increase, achieving ultra-low clock jitter for ADC and DAC converters becomes a critical specification. This paper illustrates how a high-quality crystal oscillator paired with a high-performance PLL/VCO enables small form factor, high-performance <30 fs clocks.

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RadioThorium: a 24 to 44GHz Transmitter and Receiver

24-44 GHz RadioThorium Block up- and down-Converter

The RFPD-RT-2444-1 mmWave converter is a standalone solution for use in the 24 to 44 GHz range and is branded “RadioThorium.” The 24-44 GHz RadioThorium block up- and down-converter was developed by Signal Craft Technologies (Calgary, Canada) in partnership with Richardson RFPD and Analog Devices. The module is designed to interface directly with an external baseband platform, such as Analog Devices’ MxFE (Mixed- Signal Front-End) or similar SDR IC. Up to x4 modules can be combined in parallel to create complex MIMO applications.

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