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The HA7062C tunable phase noise analyzer responds to industry demand for an easy to use phase noise measurement system that is highly reliable and intuitive while offering real-time measurement speeds for optimal manufacturing test throughput. The HA7062C operates from 10 MHz to 6 GHz with an option to 20 GHz. It is a cost effective solution for R&D, offering measurement floors below -190 dBc/Hz and ANSI Z540 calibrated accuracy.

The core engine combines the best of traditional analog phase noise measurement front-ends (virtually spur free) with the latest technology in cross correlation analysis. The digital analysis system leverages a proprietary DSP with a powerful cross correlation engine. Holzworth’s fully shielded, fanless 1U chassis eliminates ground loops and troublesome microphonics for uncompromising performance when compared to traditional “rack and stack” style systems.

The HA7062C is outfitted with a pair of Holzworth HSX Series RF synthesizers which are utilized as the built-in tunable LO sources for measurements made in internal LO mode. The HSX Series phase noise performance enables the HA7062C to quickly measure the phase noise of extremely stable signal sources.

In addition, the HA7062C offers External LO Bypass Mode, which allows users to connect and calibrate two external LOs with similar performance to the DUT. This enables accurate measurements of extremely high performance oscillators within seconds.

All data processing is performed internally. Settings can be changed using serial commands. Results can also be read from the instrument directly without requiring a specific operating system. The hardware includes a MATLAB™ Runtime based GUI. To backup the reliability, a three-year product warranty covers 100% of any potential manufacturing defects.

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