Copper Mountain Technologies and Eravant have partnered to deliver co-branded frequency extender modules covering measurements from 50 to 110 GHz: FET-WR15, FET-WR12 and FET-WR10. The extenders are anchored by CMT’s 9 GHz CobaltFx VNAs to deliver a cost-effective frequency extension system with options for output power adjustment and high output power.

“By incorporating Eravant extenders into the CobaltFx product line, we are giving users the flexibility to create a complete mmWave test system at an affordable price,” explained Alex Goloschokin, chief product and revenue officer at Copper Mountain Technologies. “With several base VNA options, various extender configurations and features, and a comprehensive set of accessories available, engineers can build a measurement solution to fit their unique application.”

High-power extender modules are available providing increased (+8 to +10 dBm) test port output power. Users can also incorporate an attenuator into their extender purchase for adjustable output power control (0 to 30 dB). Available accessories include a waveguide calibration kit, WaveGlide™ rail system, for a simplified easy-to-use setup, Waveguide Quick Connect™ for streamlined calibration, and Proxi-Flanges™ to facilitate a more reliable and accurate test setup.