Celebrate Going Out Out With 24 Iconic Party Stories

Nightlife despatches from around the world, from America's redneck rave to Europe's worst-rated nightclub.
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Photo: Christian Filardo

Does your idea of a good night involve staying in, hanging out on the couch and watching Netflix? Eating a little snacky snack and drinking a mug of herbal tea while cosying up with your pet/romantic partner/flatmate/anime body pillow? People like you make me sick. What are you even doing reading this?

Our nightlife roots run deep and so do the legends about our own parties (RIP Andrew WK’s all-white outfit, it was never the same after that night in London). We’ve gone all over the world in search of a great time and were often lucky enough to find it. And if we weren’t, we usually got a good story out of it, like this despatch from Europe’s worst-rated nightclub. We reported on partying from every single angle you could think of, speaking to clubbers, promoters, nightlife legends, drug dealers and takers, DJs and musicians, as well as that one raver who confirmed seeing Elon Musk get rejected from Berghain (thank you, KaspersLunita, for your services to journalism).


These stories are for the elite party animals; the sesh maniacs; the people who are always the last to leave the afters; the select gang of madheads who can down multiple pints, arm wrestle a pensioner and make friends with the toilet attendant, all before the clock strikes midnight. You are the party legends, the personality hires who make a night worth going to, the chaos merchants who always insist on one last drink at the bar and another little bump in the bathroom. Consider getting help if necessary (and try to avoid waking up in another country like last time), but never stop being yourself. 

And if you happen to be one of the oldest people in the club we interviewed back in 2016, please let us know you’re still alive.

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