Enrich Yourself With Our Top Stories About Money and Renting

Broke and unhappy? These 12 stories can't pay your rent, but maybe they'll make you feel a bit less alone.
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Image: Alex Jenkins

We’ve spotlighting some of the craziest happenings on God’s burning Earth, but some of the most fucked-up VICE stories are the most banal: stories about regular people struggling with debt, exploitative housing and rental situations, and the high cost of pursuing your passions. Money stories often feel too familiar, and they’re enraging – but they’re also sometimes inspiring too, as people find creative strategies to deal with their problems. (Take, for instance, the guy who charges $5 to comment “yikes” under people’s ex’s selfies.)


If you don’t laugh you’ll cry – which is why we do things like list the most useless university degrees in Europe (AKA the ones that’ll guarantee you stay gainfully unemployed for years) and why Joel Golby’s column of London’s most outrageous rental listings ran for seven whole years. Seven years of monthly shoutouts because the housing market is the ghastly gift that just keeps giving. You love to see it! I’ll leave you with the words of the man himself: “Fuck landlords”.

Take a gander of VICE’s top stories about money, renting and housing over the years.