Come Get It: The Best VICE Stories About Sex

Victorian porn, pegging and tiny dicks – our raunchy cup runneth over.
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Illustration: Cath Virginia

You could be 16 or 60, but everyone loves hearing about sex. It can be juicy, joyful, funny, bizarre, usually all-round fascinating, and it’s even better when the subject matter is the kind of thing most people are too scared to say out loud. (Cowards.) Thankfully, VICE has never held back when it comes to higlighting the kind of things found in the deep, dark recesses of your filthy goblin mind.

Hands up who remembered reading this story about a guy who died after having sex with a horse, the other one that spoke to women who were into bestiality. Not all our most memorable sex stories are animal-related, obviously. We also tapped real experts to give practical advice on how to suck your own dick, how to squirt, how to eat someone out (well, obviously) and how to deal with excessive pre-cum. Hey, it happens.


Who else would launch a serious investigation into which drugs make your dick shrink and why? Or lift the lid on living with a micropenis? To celebrate our litany of boundary-pushing, occasionally toe-curling sex content, we’ve listed some more of our favourite sex stories below. Bon voyage!

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