The Best Ever VICE Drug Stories

From investigations into why people in the UK don't use meth to interviews with drug dealers telling us how much they actually make.
Max Daly
London, GB
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Unsurprisingly for a publication called VICE, illegal drugs has been a big part of our coverage over the years. We reported on drugs in a way no one else did – until they started copying us.  Governments, politicians, the police and the media can’t always be relied upon to provide accurate information around drug taking and drug issues, and over the last decade, VICE became the go-to place for people to access the facts.


Rightly, VICE has won awards for its coverage of the drug world, and our reporting has been widely lauded for being first on the scene, and for understanding that the truth is always more interesting, and more vital, than the myth. In an era when harms from drugs and from ignorance around drugs is causing untold damage, our reporting has been replicated across the media and used as source material in scores of academic studies.

This doesn’t mean we’ve seen drugs purely as a serious matter, because who doesn’t want to see a film about someone doing stand up comedy for the first time on acid? Here are a few of our favourite stories from over the years. – Max Daly, global drugs editor

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