The Very Best of VICE News Reporting

In awards from Emmys to Pulitzers – you name it, VICE News won it.
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Illustration: VICE

If you had to sum up our news coverage: Awards. Emmys, Pulitzers, Peabodys – you name it, we won it. VICE News and VICE World News transported audiences to the frontlines of stories all over the world and trained a critical eye on what was happening in our own back yards, too. 

Our journalists went deep behind enemy lines to report on white nationalism, extremism, crime, drugs and so many others. They reported from Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the US, often risking their lives and bringing back with them stories that made the headlines in other publications and racked up award after award. (Not that it’s all about prizes, but who doesn’t like a big shiny trophy?)


These stories would have been impossible to pull off if it wasn’t for the A-team of staff who made this all possible – fixers, production teams, translators, editors, sound engineers and everyone whose name doesn’t make it into the byline or the first two seconds of credits on a documentary. All that stellar teamwork goes into making the news happen. Here’s a non-exhaustive rundown of all our best news stories.  

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